Creating a windows 7 self updating hardware independent image

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For example when EV bracketing is used, the driver shall ensure that exposure related parameters like gain and exposure are set according to EV bracketing settings. In order to accommodate this very limited set of systems, we make the following allowances: Systems that are sold as build to configure, custom enterprise images, or are designed for specific vertical enterprise markets, have the option to ship a touch screen capable of reporting only a single contact point. Description The following Pen device level requirement must be met and verified upon integration into a system. Description The system firmware must support booting the system DVD if the system includes a DVD.

The driver may vary auto white balance settings for image frames unless the per frame settings use manual white balance settings or in case of application uses white balance lock. Base requirements for full requirement details: Description The following Pen device level requirements must be met and verified upon integration into a system. Examples include systems designed for health care, military applications, and Point of Sale. The system firmware or option ROM must support the No-Emulation mode in the "El Torito" Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification, Version 1.0, for installing Windows® from optical media, such as bootable DVD media. This requirement applies to the primary optical storage and the primary bus to which the device is attached.

If the system implements keys that are invisible to the operating system, these keys must use Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) methods. LED) is acceptable so long as it indicates usage whenever one or more cameras are in use. The ability to debug a USB3 system is crucial to supporting customers in the field and root-causing behavior in the kernel.

These keys must not directly control the brightness after Bit 2 of the _DOS method has been set. Systems without a display must have a physical indicator. Hover Range requirement for full requirement details. Requirements in this area support the debugging capability for the x HCI controller based systems via a debug registers.

When the pixels read out from the camera sensor can be displayed correctly without any rotation, then the camera sensor’s _PLD rotation value must be set to 0. Warning Certification for Windows Server 2016, Azure Stack, and SDDC must meet the Windows Hardware Compatibility Requirements as stated in version 1607 of documentation, must use version 1607 of the HLK (build 14393) with matching playlist and supplemental content to generate logs, and must follow policies as stated in the Windows Server Policy document.

When the pixels read out from the camera sensor need to be rotated clockwise to display correctly, then the camera sensor’s _PLD rotation value must be set accordingly (‘0’ for 0°, ‘2’ for 90°, ‘4’ for 180°, and ‘6’ for 270°). All integrated Cameras must support independent streaming between different pins and different filters (cameras) according to the capabilities listed in the Profiles advertised by the device. Questions about the Azure Stack or SDDC programs or how to submit the results for solution validation should be directed to the appropriate Microsoft technical account manager or partner management contact.

Wideband speech is becoming a standard for peripherals that support the HFP profile. Description A System with a Bluetooth enabled controller must comply with the Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO)-USB requirements that are outlined in the Specification of the Bluetooth System, Version 2.1 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Part A, Section 3.5. Description The following Pen device level requirement must be met and verified upon integration into a system. Terms: If-Implemented Description Miracast requires both Wi Fi Direct support in the WLAN Adapter and support in the Graphics driver.

Description Windows provides users with an LCD brightness control user interface. Usage Indicator’ if a system has multiple cameras, then one physical indicator (e.g. Miracast allows the user to extend their display to a Miracast supported sync device.

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*Systems that support Connected Standby with Bluetooth enabled controllers must ship with Microsoft's inbox Bluetooth stack and support the MSFT Defined HCI extensions support for hardware offload of advertisement and RSSI monitoring (see System. The radio can be completely powered off if a bus-supported method is available to turn the radio back on. Resolution requirement for full requirement details. Description The following Pen device level requirement must be met and verified upon integration into a system. Terms: If-Implemented Description Wi-Fi device firmware has been known to hang and / or get in a stuck state.

At a minimum it must use at least one Bluetooth SIG defined wideband speech codec (currently m SBC). Terms: If-Implemented Description Support for Wi-Fi Direct by the Wi-Fi Driver to enable Miracast, Public APIs for Wi-Fi Direct to allow pairing to & from the PC, Accepting and Connecting to other Wi-Fi Direct Device for the GO & the Client Role.

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