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13-Oct-2017 21:52

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“Whether you're selling a couch or meeting a mate, reading between the lines is crucial to determining ahead of time if someone might be a bit iffy. He warns against using Craigslist as a dating site as thousands of people do every day.

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I thought, this is weird as the ad has several great photos of the items.

I told him i would call him the next day, to set an appointment after , as I had other people coming to look at it around a.m.

I also suggested that both his girlfriend and he could come at once.

In the past two years that I’ve written for Wise Bread, I’ve suggested Craigslist as an excellent means of finding a quick side gig to make extra cash, renting out extra space in your home to tourists, promoting your local business, and selling used furniture and electronics, among other things.

I’ve used the site for all of the above and then some, and I maintain that it’s a very helpful resource.Trust Your Gut If something seems wrong, it probably is wrong.