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Fili made his professional debut on December 12, 2009 against Anthony Motley.

So what could a Christmas tree in Shibuya make it up for him? Oh yeah, Taito too but I think that is obvious from the sentence before this ^_^! : Kari, Ken and Takeru stumble upon an ancient tome hidden deep inside a mountain in the Digital World.

yaoi warning Entering high school, dealing with puberty, and realizing your sexuality are all painful and difficult. I don't bash any characters ev Forced into an audition for a Gay Couple by Ms Darbus, and locking horns with Sharpay, Gabriella and Chad, how long will will Ryan and Troy be able to keep their thoughts, and bodies, away from each other? When Hikari reads the first entry aloud, the trio find that they have been imbued with something more powerful than Crests and Eggs...

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Information : Charset : ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set). Blondes and Brunettes: Digimon Adventures (maybe 02) fanfic, featuring Taichi (Tai) and Yamato (Matt) (Taito - slash). Izzy unwittingly tampers with the group's digi-data. There's more to life than meets the eye; it's never as straight forward as it seems. What's he going to do when he realises that he knew this stripper in the past, and they hated each other?