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18-Dec-2017 07:00

Please note that this is very similar to a dating site- I can't guarantee anything, and please do consider if this is really right for you!

If not you may wish to use a sperm bank - many are listed in the Sperm donation directory Please support my fight to abolish anonymity Back to top FSDW now offer self-insemination kits for sale, to use after donor testing. The DIY Baby™ Ultimate Self-Insemination Kit Includes; DIY Baby™ Self-Insemination Guide Donor Agreement Document Pregnancy Wheel and Ovulation Calculator Plastic Syringe Sperm Collection Cup 10 Ovulation (Fertility)Tests (needed to more effectively time day/s to inseminate) Special offer- kit currently includes 15 ovulation test!

There is an internal messaging system - you can use that to send and receive messages, or click on the bottom of their profile and this email is sent directly to them (you dont see their email address) They will see the email address you specify. If something doesnt feel right trust you instinct- and let me know if any donors appear to want payment or sex. Sperm donors register, offering to donate without charge, and as such will want to find a suitable match in the same way you do - so if you use this site please do accept that it may take time to find the right one, and you will need to have lots of patience.Set up a hotmail address just for this purpose and to protect yourself.