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07-Nov-2017 06:12

In short, 3D pens are a lot of fun and will be important for decades to come. Be sure to choose a product with the features that best suit your 3D printing needs.

You’ll know what you want by the end of this guide.

Before we get into the reviews let’s first look at what 3D pens are and why you might want to own one.3D pens are pens that extrude plastic filament instead of regular ink.

With 3D pens you can make three-dimensional objects simply by drawing them. Children love them because it helps them learn spatial and dimensional thinking.

They typically look like bulkier versions of normal ink pens.

Handling a 3D pen will come easy if you’re familiar with using hot glue guns.

This guide walks you through the best 3D pens available on the market.

The items below are easily the 10 best 3D pens around.

I’ve listed them in by price range for your convenience starting with the most expensive.

Like the 3Doodler Create above, the MYNT3D Professional also has a rectangular body.

The shape is both a personal preference and a feature.There’s a useful beginner’s book that comes with this pen.