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THIS IS JUST A REAL GOOD EXAMPLE OF HOW GOOD THIS IS. I'm season 4, my wife and I love this show and there are very few shows that we both enjoy together and this is definitely one of them This is by far my favorite show at the moment and it has really grown on me as I continue to watch through it.

For me this show IS one of the greats, How i Rank it (1. Although it is historically inaccurate there are so many positives to take out of this show.

But by the end of the second season the show was a soap opera and I kept wishing someone would chop off Ragnar's head.

The trouble with too many shows today is they try to appeal to men and women, which is definitely and unfortunately, the case here, with the women just, argh, being annoying soap opera women.

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Although they had some nice scenery and costumes showing fjord, a long boat the classic Viking shield and axe.

Season 1 proved to be historically inaccurate but taken for what it is, entertainment (turns out it being on the History Channel means nothing), it was good.