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He's just doing whatever feels right and if it doesn't work out, well, oh well.

Gershon, amazingly, makes the nerd look work for her and is far more attractive with that look then with that bombshell image she's been going for the past few years.

And Nicky's son Danny makes one confession that causes her to brand him a 'tramp'.'I weed in the indoor pool...

'The Lloyds are a typically hard-working British family, away on their annual trip to reconnect and recharge their batteries.'When the bonus comes that’s the first thing we put money down on.

I'm sure the film was going for the age old theme of men are animals. So while men may do some stupid things in the name of spreading their seed, women can look just as foolish when they try and tame these men.

I sympathized with Mel because I have been in many situations where in my mind I was on the verge of marrying a girl and in her mind she didn't even know my name.

I say this as a good thing because I was entertained and never felt as though the film condescended to me or treated me as though I were brain dead.

My major complaint about the movie would be the Central Park scene. ) and calls both Mel and her husband to come save her. Of course their fallback plan doesn't usually look like Gina Gershon but this is the movies, and in the movies the fallback plan is always the better choice anyways.

and never believed the Jina actress (i never heard of her b4) was a english doctor of fish or whhatever she was suppose to be. i got up so many times to get a bite to eat and to type this as i was that un interested in this flick.