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Good friends live vicariously through one another, celebrating and embracing each other’s successes and offering comfort when things get tough.Feeling like our friends have a genuine interest in our life is a big part of what makes our friendships so incredibly validating. And for the most part, friends have no trouble taking turns when it comes to talking about each other’s life experiences.And framing it as a collective problem (makes it more likely that your friend will be willing to change things up.Chances are, your friend will ask for specific examples, so it helps to be prepared.Gently guiding your conversations toward topics you also want to talk about or can contribute to (e.g., ) can free up space for you to share your own experiences.If that doesn’t work, letting your friend know that you want to share something, like your weekend plans or how your new job is going, can be a subtle way to tell your friend that you feel like the balance is off.When sharing what’s bothering you, it also helps to make sure sure you’re giving actual suggestions or solutions.A good strategy is to let your friend know that you still want to hear about their life, but that you’re looking for a bit more balance – but pointing out the specific topics you’d like to talk more (or less) about, and the fact that you’d like to have some say in the activities you do together, is better.

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Instead of focusing on your friend’s tendency to be self-obsessed, focus on your own feelings and reactions (e.g., ).While it’s possible that they are too self-absorbed to see it, it’s also really common for two people to have different perspectives about what goes on their friendship. And keeping this in mind will help you deal with their resistance or defensiveness (as well as your own! If your friend does get upset, reinforce that you aren’t attacking them, validate their emotions (e.g., ), and be open to feedback and their take on things.When we’re frustrated about a situation, we can sometimes overlook examples that don’t quite fit with what we’re thinking or feeling.But when this balance is shifted because one friend is overly focused on their life, it can leave us feeling uncomfortable, annoyed, and even insecure.

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Confronting a friend about their tendency to be self-absorbed isn’t something that comes easily.Regardless of how you deliver your message, you might want to be prepared for some pushback.