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31-Oct-2017 22:00

90% of my stored information and apps are wiped clear out of my phones memory..some things have returned, but nothing too much of importance, and the latest list of contacts to also appear 48 hours later while I was asleep, are unfamiliar to me.Software updates are regularly released to mobile devices not only to improve the performance of the device but to also to fix the bugs that currently exists as well as increase its security.The #Samsung #Galaxy #S5 for example which was released in 2014 has undergone several software updates, both minor and major.I have the phone on thru AT&T but the phone keeps trying to use Verizon.When shut the phone off and when it loads it pulls up the Verizon icon and then tells me the sim card is not a Verizon sim card.I know there has to be updated for this device model-sm-G900V .

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Thanks for your assistance My phone has gone completely haywire…